Semi-Packaged Solutions

Service Details

This is a detailed explanation of the specific contetnt of User Support / Helpdesk Outsourcing Basic Plan.

  1. Substance
    Access your PC directly using remote access software. We will perform basic configuration work such as desktop application installation, printer and other peripheral device settings, etc. on your behalf. In addition, we will perform support work such as various maintenance, surveys, and updating setting information by accessing the primary diagnostic survey when the PC itself malfunctions or failures occur, and by accessing the management screen of network equipment on the LAN via PC. The one-hour correspondence work will be handled as one support session, and we will respond to each request.
  2. How to use
    (1). Case Orders
    (2). Preliminary meeting: Through a remote meeting, you can hear about the situation in about 30 minutes. Through this hearing, we estimate the expected response work items and the estimated time required, and inform you of the number of support sessions on the spot. If you agree, we will do the actual support work.
    (3). Actual work: Access the target PC with remote access software (Teamviewer) and perform support work. If, at the stage of confirming the actual devices, it is judged that the situation is significantly different from the assumption at the time of the hearing, we will suspend the work temporarily and conduct consultations again. Each support session can be up to one hour long. If the work is the same, you can handle multiple devices in one session. If the number of eligible tickets exceeds the time constraints, tickets will be added.
    (4). Service Level: We will inform you of the expected degree of achievement at the stage of the preliminary hearing. As for the disability survey, it is basically up to the investigation and report for temporary isolation. If, as a result of the survey results, it is possible to respond immediately to disaster recovery, we will respond in a new support session if requested. For other post-survey responses, we will hold coordination meetings each time, and if you request, we will set up a new support session as a follow-up.
    (5). Support Range: PC Windows OS, Mac OS / Network equipment LAN connection equipment accessible through PC WLAN router, xDSL modem, WiFi access point, etc., LAN connection MFP, printer. Negotiable about the server.
    (6). Optional: Supported Locations: If the site is in or near Düsseldorf and is accessible by public transport, on-site support will be available.
  3. Cost

    [Unit Price]
    (1). Remote support 1 ticket: 200 EUR (tax not included)
    (2). On-site support 1 ticket: 300 EUR (tax not included)

    [Contract Type]
    (1). Remote Support Pack : 10 tickets = 10 remote support session package 2,000 EUR (tax not included)
    (2). Onsite Support Pack : 10 tickets = 5 remote support sessions + 5 onsite support sessions package 2,500 EUR (tax not included)
    [Continuation Option]
    (1). Additional remote support tickets : 5 tickets 1,000 EUR (tax not included)
    (2). On-site support additional ticket: 5 tickets for 1,500 EUR (tax not included)

    Support tickets have no time limit.