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Under the vision of Digital to simplify, our company provides the following products and services to support the digital transformation of corporate activities, which is the improvement of business operations through digital means.

Digital to Simplify

1. Digitalization of Business Processes

  • We propose improvement plans that enable time and cost savings through the use of various automation applications and systems that enhance productivity for diverse business tasks.
  • Focusing on systematizing essential operations for corporate management, as shown in the examples below, we offer plans to digitalize various procedures.
  • We also suggest system plans that feature information sharing and collaboration functions among different business systems, centered around a built database for integrated management of business information.

Achieving overall efficiency and cost reduction in customer operations


  1. Digital Workflow System: Simplify procedures and management, aiming to improve efficiency and management accuracy. ··· Read more
  2. Asset Management System: Improve the efficiency of management procedures and sharing through the database of various ledgers. ··· Read more
  3. Procurement Management System: By digitizing purchase-related tasks, the system automates information sharing and coordination between processes, improving efficiency and management accuracy. ··· Read more

2. Cloud Service Implementation Support

Utilizing cloud services enables efficient and rapid improvements in business operations through digitalization. Our company strives to understand our customers’ needs, proposing specific services and operational mechanisms tailored to them. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive improvement plans, including the integration of functionalities across cloud services and the consolidation of data with business systems.

[Benefits of Cloud Services]
  • Speed and efficiency: Significantly reduce time and costs associated with purchasing and setting up server equipment and software.
  • Flexibility: Easily adapt to changes in data volume and users as business grows.
    Easy collaboration and cooperation: Sharing data and systems through the cloud enables seamless collaboration and cooperation, both within and outside the organization, without location constraints.
  • Data protection and robustness: Storing data in multiple locations on the cloud helps protect important data from loss or damage.

  1. Cloud Storage: Store and share business data and document files on a cloud server. Increase accessibility to data and enhance convenience, improving work efficiency. ··· Read more
  2. Online Meetings: Utilize video conferencing services via internet connection. Reduce travel time and costs while improving meeting quality through a combination of various digital tools. ··· Read more
  3. Cloud Applications: By adopting application software through cloud services, various business processes can be systematized. This enhances data utilization and achieves overall improvements in efficiency and quality of operations. ··· Read more

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