IT Engineering Service

2. Cloud Service Implementation Support

Leverage cloud services for business growth

2 - 1. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage : Store and share business data and document files on a cloud server. Increase accessibility to data and enhance convenience, improving work efficiency.

  • Improved work convenience : Accessible from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Secure data protection : Data is automatically backed up on multiple servers, reducing the risk of loss due to equipment failure or operational errors.
  • Flexibility : Easily increase storage capacity in response to the growth of data volume and user count, reducing unnecessary costs and preparation work for additional equipment.


2 - 2. Online Meetings

Online Meetings: Utilize video conferencing services via internet connection. Reduce travel time and costs while improving meeting quality through a combination of various digital tools.

  • Reduced location constraints : Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling remote work and meetings with globally distributed branches or clients.
  • Sharing of minutes : Easily create meeting records by combining recording features, and quickly share information through cloud service-based data sharing.
  • High functionality : Integrate chat and voting features to enable decision-making and opinion consolidation during meetings, resulting in efficient and high-quality meeting management.

2 - 3. Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications: By adopting application software through cloud services, various business processes can be systematized. This enhances data utilization and achieves overall improvements in efficiency and quality of operations.

  • Efficiency : Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, broadening the scope of application and promoting overall work efficiency.
  • Flexibility : Rapidly adaptable to the increase or decrease in the number of users or tasks. Reduces preparation time and costs for application implementation.
  • Low cost : Significantly reduces operational tasks such as software distribution, individual configuration, and updates through the use of applications via internet access.

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