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MN SCI TECH provides comprehensive support for the installation of IT-related equipment and infrastructure for our customers, from planning to actual implementation and operation management. We provide IT solutions that support the digital transformation of your business.

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We analyze and assess your business processes, identify issues, develop improvement plans, and propose optimized solutions.
We plan the implementation and provide comprehensive engineering services including quotation, procurement, and ordering.

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Manageing Director:Fumihiko Hatta

Address:Breite Straße 3, Meerbusch 40670 (Register Address)
    Stephanienstraße 42, Düsseldorf 40211 (Office Address)

Contact:Tel : +49 15126240904
E-mail: [email protected]

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December 2019-present

Established MN SCI TECH GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany.Started providing engineering services.

2017-2019 IT infrastructure equipment installation and operation management engineer

Supports the installation and operation of in-house IT infrastructure equipment at a Japanese corporation of a global corporation that manufactures and sells dental equipment for foreign companies in Tokyo. Promote projects such as integration of global data network and local (between domestic bases) network, global integration of voice (telephone) network and telephone system.

2013-2017 In-house IT system overall implementation/operation management and department manager

Engaged in the introduction and operation support of core business systems, user IT infrastructure (virtual infrastructure) and telephone equipment as the head of the information system department of a temporary staffing company in Tokyo.Directed the operation of the corporate site cloud to the cloud and the entire renewal project.Support introduction of cloud-based sales behavior management tool and practical application.

2012-2013 E-learning system/video distribution system development/operation engineer

Engaged as a project manager and engineer in a training distribution system development project for a digital content production company medical company in Tokyo.Developed an original e-learning system incorporating a web video lecture distribution (webinar) system made in the United States.

2004-2012 Web System Development Project Manager and Head of Department

Engaged in project management related to the development and operation of the independent SIerTOEIC Internet examination reception system (*1) in Tokyo. Engaged in the design, development, and operation support of a site with 1 million registered users.Engaged in the development project of online inquiry system (setting/delivery of inquiry items for each patient) and official website of the society (online payment of membership fees, posting/sharing videos among members). He is involved in the overall work of the project such as helping customers to realize the concept and formulating functions and specifications.(*1: Online application system for the current TOEIC Square site)

2000-2003 Digital Content Production/Web System Development Engineer

Engaged in planning and production of digital (E-learning) content for skill training for electric power companies and railway companies, affiliated companies of general electric manufacturers. In parallel, he was involved in the development and introduction of content management systems (CMS) for local governments and web database systems for government offices.

1983-2000 Plant engineer

Affiliated company of a general electric machinery manufacturer As an equipment design engineer involved in the construction of nuclear power plants and maintenance of facilities at operating power plants, engaged in construction projects for two nuclear power plants and maintenance work at two operating nuclear power plants.


Infrastructure Development or Implementation

ICT Infrastructure + Custom Application Development: July 2020 -IT total engineering services including planning, design, installation, construction, and testing.
[Main equipment, functions, and specifications]
On Premises LAN: Security appliance router, 24P access router, 8P access router, access point, IP-PBX=> Data & Voice network, VPN Access, etc.
File & Application Server: Windows Server 2019 Std, Backup Storage – NAS
=> Active Directory, File sharing, Data Backup, etc.

e-Learning Platform Development

Development of e-Learning Service Platform for prevention of hospital-acquired infections for healthcare professionals: 2012~2013
Development of e-Learning Service Platform
[Application configuration, functions, and specifications]
LMS: Moodle, Video stream service: BrightcoveWebinar Service Platform Development: 2012~2013Developed a general-purpose online learning system and content delivery system incorporating video and slideshow synchronous webinar service.
[Feature configuration/application]
Video stream + Slideshow player, Trans script display + search (video)

Video Streaming System Integration

Live Streaming Trial: 2012~2013
Developed a prototype of a live-streaming e-Learning platform and conducted a trial using Brightcove’s live-streaming serviceMedical society website development: 2010~2011
Developed a CMS for a medical society membership site

Web application development

Development of online salon system: May 2020~
Development of a membership community site for acupuncture and moxibustion practitioners and other professionals
Wordpress, WooCommerce, Payment Service: Stripe, PayPalDevelopment of online application systems for language examinations: 2004-2010
Development, improvement, and operation support of online examination application systems
[Application and infrastructure configuration]
Windows Server + Oracle DB

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