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Feasibility assessment of the introduction of IT-related equipment, formulation of realization plan, estimation/process examination, formulation of overall plan.
Solution consideration, conceptual design, requirement formulation, project planning.
Analysis of existing IT environment and examination of improvement proposals.

[IT Integration]

IT infrastructure overall planning: Examination of equipment configuration including hardware and software, technical requirements, business requirement extraction, overall design, introduction and construction plan formulation, introduction, construction process support, operation and maintenance plan formulation and support

[App. Implementation Support & Custom App Development]

Introduction of business-related support systems, customization support, and dedicated system development engineering., Google Workplace and other cloud app services integration.

    • System development engineering
      Scratch development
      target business analysis of dedicated systems such as business support applications, identification of individual business requirements, formulation of functional and performance requirements, design, construction, testing, application, operation support
    • Support for introduction of packaged software
      Consideration of utilization and linkage of business software/end-user productivity software (MS Office, Google Workspace, etc.)
[Web Site Development]

Website/system operation platform development
Development and operation support services for the operation infrastructure of various websites and systems.

    • Target Cloud Service: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Service (AWS)
    • Outline: Virtual machine set up, Server provisioning, CMS (Wordpress) and other middle package installation and configuring, Basic Contents configuring, SSL set up, etc.
    • Support Service: Service account registration, Domain acquisition/registration support,
    • Optional Service: Custom Apps Building (e. g E-Commerce package, E-Learning package)
[IT Management Service Support]

Management System Formulate Support
Management Service Operation Support

    • End-user support/help desk services
    • Operation and maintenance support of IT facilities
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