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1. Digitalization of Business Processes

Digitalization for re-structuring Bisiness Process

1 - 1. Digital Workflow System

Digital Workflow System: Simplify procedures and management, aiming to improve efficiency and management accuracy.

  • Digitize document creation, internal circulation for investigation, approval, signing, and decision-making processes (workflow)
  • Reduce human errors such as input and transcription mistakes by digitizing formatting, original documents, and revision history management, leading to more efficient management tasks
  • Decrease document storage space and automate sharing through paperless documentation for various files

1 - 2. Asset Management System

Asset Management System: Improve the efficiency of management procedures and sharing through the database of various ledgers.

  • Database creation for asset information (ledgers) within the company, such as fixed assets
  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in inputting and revising information on purchase year, warranty period, depreciation, and disposal
  • Labor-saving operations and automating individual asset lifecycle management through the digitalization of input methods (various scanners)

1 - 3. Procurement Management System

Procurement Management System: By digitizing purchase-related tasks, the system automates information sharing and coordination between processes, improving efficiency and management accuracy.

  • Software implementation of procedures such as quotation requests, ordering, delivery, and payment.
  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy of information management through data sharing and coordination with related tasks, such as asset management systems.


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